MS-1 XML files exported by certain CAMA software solutions can be imported into the Assessment Web Portal to populate the MS-1. If you have not used this feature in the past, check with the developer or vendor for your CAMA software to confirm that they support the NHDRA's XML schema. 

To import the XML file into the system, click the "Upload XML" button. If the button is not visible, it indicates that an MS-1 is already in progress. 

You will need to delete the in-progress MS-1 in order to upload an XML file. In the screenshot below, Concord has an in-progress MS-1 and cannot upload an XML file.

Clicking "Upload XML" will bring you to the file upload interface. Click "Select File" and choose the appropriate XML file on your computer. If it is a valid XML file, you will see the filename appear in the text area on the page. Click "Upload".

If the XML file properly follows the NHDRA schema, the application will process it and present you with a validation page. On this page, you will see the name of the municipality or village district in the portal and the name specified in the uploaded XML file. These names do not have to match, this is simply a way of indicating to you what file you uploaded so that you can confirm the correct data is being imported. Municipalities will need to review the Utilities Mapping section of this screen. The application will match most utility names from your CAMA XML file with the approved names that the NHDRA uses. If there is no valid match, you must select the correct utility from the dropdown menu for that line. Once all utility mappings are correct, you can click "Apply Upload".

The application will return you to your MS-1 Landing page and you will see that the E-File Status for the entity now says "Uploaded". You may continue to file your MS-1 by clicking "Continue" next to the entity.

Prior to running a draft MS-1 report, review the uploaded data and click "Save & Recalculate" within the MS-1 interface. This will ensure that the imported data is properly validated and that any calculations (such as line totals) have been performed properly.