The initial administrative account for the town or city is created by an authorized user at the NH DRA. The administrative account has access to all areas of the Assessment Web Portal and may create additional user accounts for their municipality. To create a new users, click the  button to open a blank new user profile:

You will be prompted to provide all of the required contact information for each new user. For username suggestions, see Best Practices.

The new accounts can be assigned one of two user levels:

  • Town Administrator: Access to all functionality, including full user management privileges.
  • Town User: Limited functionality. Cannot upload CAMA data, cannot create new users.

Additionally, you can limit the user's access to only the RETT viewer by using the "RETT Viewer Only" dropdown menu. Once you have provided the required information, click "Save".

Note: You will not assign a challenge question and answer or a password when creating a new account - the user will receive an email with their username and a one-time, secure link to set both.